Checking In

I haven’t posted about politics in a while. Some readers may be relieved, while others might miss my ranting. I’ve avoided the topic as an act of self-preservation. Since November 2016, I’ve been angry, depressed, terrified, and disgusted in equal measures. The world is burning, Nero is fiddling, and the one percenters just want the... Continue Reading →

Changing It Up

I’m feeling a bit restless and unsettled this week. A little rudderless, and I’m not fond of that feeling. I’m a control freak who likes to have everything planned out. I find comfort in arranging the details with the goal of reducing the chances that something might go wrong. It’s probably one of my bigger... Continue Reading →

Hot Enough for Ya?

A couple of nights ago, I tagged a few prominent billionaires in one of my tweets and criticized them for what I feel is their parsimonious behavior. Some random woman decided to call me out for my comment, and I doubled down by citing things I think show that the three men in question are... Continue Reading →

Social Media Games

Social media has been on my mind a lot this week. My spouse has been out of town for work, which left me rattling around the house. I was also challenged by my step-brother to one of those “post your favorite albums” games. I played along, in my own fashion. I didn’t tag any other... Continue Reading →

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