A quick perusal of social media shows I’m not the only person who is struggling to maintain any kind of normal routine.That’s not surprising. We’re still mired in COVID lockdowns. We’re seeing repeated reasons for social and political unrest: Police shooting Black, Indigenous, and other people of color and not being held accountable for it.... Continue Reading →

The Dreaded Middle

I’m working on a short story that I’m hoping to submit to a contest early next week. The last two days, I found I wasn’t hitting my word count goal. I sat at my desk and had the draft open, but I seemed to delete almost as much as I typed. In reading it over... Continue Reading →

Trailer Number Two

Here's the second quotation trailer for my short story, "The Death of Me." And please consider buying a copy for yourself or an avid reader you might know. It's available in trade paperback and digitally on the Bella Books website.

Story Trailer

C.L. Taylor made a couple of videos with quotes from my story, "The Death of Me." I thought I'd share the first one today. And please remember, you can buy a copy of the anthology here. It's available in paperback and in a few different digital formats. Its sale raises money for the GCLS Writing... Continue Reading →

A Reading from “The Death of Me”

I thought potential readers might like to hear an excerpt from my short story, "The Death of Me." It's the story in the Written Dreams anthology that raises money for the GCLS Writing Academy. Without further ado, here's a video where I read the first four pages.

Golden Crown Literary Society Writing Academy

A couple of weeks ago, the “Written Dreams” anthology, which raises money for the Golden Crown Literary Society’s Writing Academy, was published. I’m going to use this week’s blog post to upload a video and talk a bit about my experiences as a student in the first Writing Academy class.

Chuck Wendig’s Flash Fiction Challenge

Chuck Wendig's April 8, 2016 challenge involved using a randomizer to select a 2-word title. My title was "The Copper Warning," and here is the story it inspired: The snick of a cigarette lighter's cover stopped Evelyn's climb. Her fingers tightened on the building's brick facade while her brain considered alternate paths to her target.... Continue Reading →

Blatant Self-Promotion

I'm excited to announce that Ylva Publishing's anthology, "Do You Feel What I Feel," is now available from the publisher's website: Ylva Publishing For the first couple of weeks, it's only available in ebook format directly from Ylva. Pre-order from Amazon and Smashwords should be available sometime this week. The trade paperback version should be... Continue Reading →

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