Flash Fiction – Chuck Wendig’s “New Life” Prompt

Warren wrestles the grocery cart down the cereal aisle, scanning the shelves for something interesting. He ignores the boxes extolling the latest and greatest choco-sugar-bombs for kids and fixes his gaze on the old-fogey options. Not that he’s an old fogey. He’s not, despite his thinning hairline. He’s just a guy who likes to feel... Continue Reading →

Smooth Silk – A Wendig Flash Fiction Challenge

The challenge, Tara realized as she adjusted her pasties, wasn’t in dealing with a room full of erections. Well, that wasn’t the challenge anymore. When she first started dancing at Club T&A, knowing that the men came in to become aroused had a high ick factor. Especially since she had never been attracted to men.... Continue Reading →

Chuck Wendig’s Flash Fiction Challenge

Chuck Wendig's April 8, 2016 challenge involved using a randomizer to select a 2-word title. My title was "The Copper Warning," and here is the story it inspired: The snick of a cigarette lighter's cover stopped Evelyn's climb. Her fingers tightened on the building's brick facade while her brain considered alternate paths to her target.... Continue Reading →

Blatant Self-Promotion

I'm excited to announce that Ylva Publishing's anthology, "Do You Feel What I Feel," is now available from the publisher's website: Ylva Publishing For the first couple of weeks, it's only available in ebook format directly from Ylva. Pre-order from Amazon and Smashwords should be available sometime this week. The trade paperback version should be... Continue Reading →

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