What Might Have Been

Have you noticed that mushrooms are suddenly everywhere? No, I’m not talking about they’re growing everywhere. (Although they may very well be.) Instead, it seems like mushrooms have recently been showing up as ingredients in coffee and drinking chocolate. They’re the fear-inducing specter in HBO’s The Last Of Us and played a role in Chuck... Continue Reading →

Just Dropped in to See What Condition My Condition Is In

Howdy, one and all. If you’ve stuck with me for this long absence, please know I’m grateful for your readership.If you’re new to my blog, please forgive me if today’s post isn’t very entertaining.I had rotator-cuff surgery on September 15th. The first few days were... not fun. I took the prescribed pain medications and slept... Continue Reading →

Howdy, y’all. My posting schedule has been hit-and-miss, I know. Looking back, I’ve been getting something new posted about every other week, but that trend will likely slow in the coming weeks. I’m scheduled for a rotator-cuff surgery early next week. And, I’m assuming the recovery process will limit how often I can post. I’ll... Continue Reading →

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