Toxic Fandom

A few days ago, an old college acquaintance posted a conversation she’d had with one of her teenage children. They’re both fans of an author who has had a large gap between books in a series. Their conversation was a joking exchange about tying the writer to a chair until they completed the next book.... Continue Reading →

What Is a Legacy?

I used to think the idea of a midlife crisis was absurd. Why, I wondered, did so many people hit a certain age and then suddenly blow up their carefully crafted lives? Now that I’m in my late forties, I don’t find the idea of a midlife crisis absurd at all. I recently encountered Erik... Continue Reading →

Not Aging Gracefully

I’m going to rant today. You’ve been warned. The past couple of weeks have presented me with reminders that I’m a square peg in a round-hole world. Most of the time, I take pride in being an oddball. But even though I’m proud that I don’t fit neatly into the world’s categories, that doesn’t always... Continue Reading →

Holiday Peace of Mind

I missed my Friday blog post due to needing to shovel snow before work. Earlier in the week, I wrote a post for Facebook that I’ll expand on here. This Thursday will be Thanksgiving Day. Folks are posting holiday recipes, sending party invitations, and preparing for the core trio of U.S. holidays: Thanksgiving, Christmas, and... Continue Reading →

Education is Key

Despite its title, this post isn’t about the Republicans’ plan merging the Department of Labor with the Department of Education. I can address that another time. Today, I ask people to educate themselves about suicide and depression. If that’s a triggering topic for you, please stop reading now. In recent weeks, Kate Spade and Anthony... Continue Reading →

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