Lengthening Shadows

Here in the U.S., we’re rolling into Labor Day weekend. In a lot of communities, Labor Day marks the end of the summer break for children and teachers. Many call this weekend “the end of summer,” and it will be the last big weekend for travel, hanging out at the beach, and cookouts. While summer... Continue Reading →

Awards Season

On Thursday, the MacArthur Foundation Fellowships (commonly known as the MacArthur Genius awards) were announced. I watch these announcements each year with great interest. These fellowships are often my introduction to the work of filmmakers, activists, and scholars. And, I love seeing the names of writers, poets, and playwrights among the honorees. Especially if I’m... Continue Reading →

A Blank Slate

The past few mornings have had a little touch of autumn in the air. Not much. But just a slight hint that summer is winding down. Maybe it’s something to do with the changing light. The sun is rising a bit later and setting a hair earlier. Not a lot, but I’m starting to notice... Continue Reading →

Autumn Strikes Again

Each autumn, I find myself feeling… restless. I haven’t figured out why the start of autumn means I get antsy for a change, but it occurs often enough that I now recognize the symptoms when they crop up. Recognizing the need for change is easy. The hard part is deciding how to meet that need... Continue Reading →

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