Like a Moth to a Flame

Howdy, y’all. Thanks for sticking with me, despite my occasional flaky behavior.Somehow, I didn’t get a blog post written last week. Although I’d have bet money that I wrote one and posted it. But I can’t find it in my files or on the website. Maybe I dreamt I had?I’ve had a LOT of truly... Continue Reading →

Managing Expectations

Lots of people have already written posts about how completely abnormal these times are. If you’re a Chuck Wendig fan, you’ve likely already seen his brilliant and profane post. If you haven’t, you can read it here. Maybe you’ve seen the various memes that are bringing some much-needed levity to the situation. I liked the... Continue Reading →

Toxic Fandom

A few days ago, an old college acquaintance posted a conversation she’d had with one of her teenage children. They’re both fans of an author who has had a large gap between books in a series. Their conversation was a joking exchange about tying the writer to a chair until they completed the next book.... Continue Reading →

Checking In

I haven’t posted about politics in a while. Some readers may be relieved, while others might miss my ranting. I’ve avoided the topic as an act of self-preservation. Since November 2016, I’ve been angry, depressed, terrified, and disgusted in equal measures. The world is burning, Nero is fiddling, and the one percenters just want the... Continue Reading →

Changing It Up

I’m feeling a bit restless and unsettled this week. A little rudderless, and I’m not fond of that feeling. I’m a control freak who likes to have everything planned out. I find comfort in arranging the details with the goal of reducing the chances that something might go wrong. It’s probably one of my bigger... Continue Reading →

Hot Enough for Ya?

A couple of nights ago, I tagged a few prominent billionaires in one of my tweets and criticized them for what I feel is their parsimonious behavior. Some random woman decided to call me out for my comment, and I doubled down by citing things I think show that the three men in question are... Continue Reading →

Social Media Games

Social media has been on my mind a lot this week. My spouse has been out of town for work, which left me rattling around the house. I was also challenged by my step-brother to one of those “post your favorite albums” games. I played along, in my own fashion. I didn’t tag any other... Continue Reading →

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