A Reading from “The Death of Me”

I thought potential readers might like to hear an excerpt from my short story, "The Death of Me." It's the story in the Written Dreams anthology that raises money for the GCLS Writing Academy. Without further ado, here's a video where I read the first four pages.

Writing Lessons from Gary Larson

Over the weekend, I stumbled over a Twitter thread where people shared some of their favorite panels from Gary Larson’s The Far Side. One panel, titled “Early Experiments in Transportation,” sent me into an absolute fit of laughing. I showed it to Jen, and she laughed just as long and hard. I found myself studying... Continue Reading →

An Embarrassment of Riches

I know doom and gloom fill news reports on current events. We have a misogynistic, homophobic, racist, narcissist squatting in the Oval Office like a fly-bloated toad, sliming every surface with his amphibian ooze and poisoning the atmosphere with his expulsions. He’s alienating us from allies, playing dangerous games of chicken with other narcissistic fools... Continue Reading →

Recent Reading Recap

I decided that 2018 would be a year when I try not to read straight, white, male writers. (I’d also like to read fewer straight, white, female writers this year, but I’m not making that a hard and fast rule.) Honestly, that’s a challenge because several SWM writers I really like have new books out.... Continue Reading →

New Adventures

Summer is winding down, and I find myself pulled in several directions. During the month of August, I took a free writing class with Andi Cumbo-Floyd titled “Discover Your Writing Self.” It was a great class that challenged me to think about why I write, what I want my writing career to look like, and... Continue Reading →

Paying One’s Dues

Writers think and talk a lot about the idea of “paying dues.” We dread getting rejection letters while acknowledging that receiving them is “paying our dues.” That is, the rejection letter is a part of the path to publication. We ask ourselves, “If I don’t send my work out to be critiqued, am I really... Continue Reading →

Recent Top Reads

During the past year, I set a goal to read a wider range of authors and explore some new genres. Some books that stood out were: Just Girls by Rachel Gold - This novel, published by Bella Books in 2014, won the GCLS Young Adult award. It follows two college freshmen as they battle transphobia... Continue Reading →

The Definition of Insanity

Hello, my name is Ruth and I’m a book-aholic. Before anyone comments, let me make it clear that I am not writing that to make fun of alcoholics or anyone fighting addiction issues. I know too many people who have battled addiction, and seeing their struggles taught me addiction is not a laughing matter. It’s... Continue Reading →

A Reading Life

My spouse and I gave ourselves a reading challenge this year. Categories include different genres of fiction, non-fiction titles on a wide range of topics, and some categories based on the length of the book. I finally finished “A Clash of Kings” this week, which is my 900+ page title. It took me about three... Continue Reading →

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