Is This Mic On?

Howdy, all. Thanks for your patience while I took a little blogging break. It wasn’t a planned break; I just haven’t managed my time on Friday mornings as effectively as I’d have liked. I have a new addition to my recommendation roundup from a couple of weeks ago. I found recording artist Lizzo thanks to... Continue Reading →

Lengthening Shadows

Here in the U.S., we’re rolling into Labor Day weekend. In a lot of communities, Labor Day marks the end of the summer break for children and teachers. Many call this weekend “the end of summer,” and it will be the last big weekend for travel, hanging out at the beach, and cookouts. While summer... Continue Reading →

Love Potion Number Nine

The other day, I found myself thinking about modern life and our obsession with the concept of love. For centuries (if not millennia), the concept of love didn’t factor into humans’ decision-making processes. Our ancestors often married for security or wealth. They didn’t look for careers that sparked their passions. Instead, they followed in an... Continue Reading →

The Care and Feeding of Creatives

If you’ve spent any time reading my blog, you know I’m a cheerleader for the things I love. When I find some creative work that captivates me, I want to shout it to the world. But I make my recommendations knowing that what interests me may not appeal to others. One of the fantastic things... Continue Reading →

Higher, Further, Faster

We saw Captain Marvel in IMAX on Sunday morning. I won't post any spoilers because people who do that irritate the hell out of me. What I can say, without spoiling the film, is that I thoroughly enjoyed it. I wanted to watch it again that same day and regret that I didn't. As much... Continue Reading →

What Happened to Our Ambition?

I saw the film “Bohemian Rhapsody” this week. I won't go into the film's flaws or how it mishandled the timeline of Freddie’s life. The film's ending focused on Queen's performance at Live Aid. The concert took place in July 1985, and I was in junior high. I remember watching Live Aid with my mother.... Continue Reading →

O Brave New World

We’ve been talking for a few months about joining those who ditched their cable subscriptions. We finally took the plunge this week. You might ask: Is that really noteworthy or something to analyze on my blog? Jen and I are Gen-Xers, so we were kids when cable services first became a big deal. Jen said... Continue Reading →

Changing It Up

I’m feeling a bit restless and unsettled this week. A little rudderless, and I’m not fond of that feeling. I’m a control freak who likes to have everything planned out. I find comfort in arranging the details with the goal of reducing the chances that something might go wrong. It’s probably one of my bigger... Continue Reading →

Service With a (Faked) Smile

Yesterday, Jen and I had brunch with one of my library co-workers. During our meal, the topic of customer service came up. She remembered that I had said in a staff meeting that good customer service is an acting job. She said that really stuck with her because I always seem to be smiling and... Continue Reading →

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