Looking Forward to 2019

I’ve been thinking about the coming new year and what I’d like to accomplish as a writer in 2019. I find it hard to just brainstorm some possibilities. Once I list a couple of possible projects or goals, I start feeling an urge to put together a timeline for accomplishing them. My instincts tell me... Continue Reading →

Writing as a Maze

A number of people have compared a writing career to being a marathon runner. I’m not a runner, so I can’t fully appreciate the comparison. This has been a disappointing week on the writing front. Jen has been traveling for business all week. My plan had been to write after work, which is a time... Continue Reading →

Herd or Community?

Do you ever get a longing for a writing community? I sure do. I’ve been thinking about that a lot this week. Some of my introspection was prompted by this post by Kathleen McCleary. For the TL;DR crowd: she talks about the advantages of finding a writing community. I think a good writing community can... Continue Reading →

Comfort Zones

I’ve been thinking a lot about comfort zones recently. About routines, habits, patterns. I think all of us are drawn to what’s comfortable. That will vary from person to person and situation to situation, but comfort is often what we seek. We’re creatures of habit, repetition, and routine. Scientists studying human decision making find that... Continue Reading →

Where Are My Rejection Slips?

Several writers advocate an annual goal of 100 rejection slips from writing contests, fellowships, and residencies. The argument is that targeting that many rejections means the writer is sharing their work with the world. And on the way to that 100 rejections, writers might receive some acceptances. I am conflicted about whether that goal is... Continue Reading →

This Week’s Wrap-up

I set new goals about two weeks ago, and I’m taking this opportunity to reflect on how I’m doing in achieving them. I haven’t met my 2,500-word goal for each writing day. I’m not ready to lower that word count because I know I can meet it if I focus. I haven’t met that goal... Continue Reading →

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