Dear Grammy Voters

Dear Grammy Voters: Listen, I understand the challenge you faced when selecting the album of the year. I’m a huge R&B fan too. For me, it started with my mom’s influence. She loved all the Motown artists, and I grew up hearing the greats from Motown’s golden age. When it comes to music, I go... Continue Reading →

Reality vs. Creativity

I’m stepping onto my soapbox. You’ve been warned. This year has been a hard one for creative people. Throughout 2017, articles about self-care, balancing creative work with activism, and tips on refilling the creative well filled my social media feeds. Many of these posts offered good advice on dealing with my rage and sorrow for... Continue Reading →

The Physics of Writing

I’m not usually a person who finds profound inspiration for life in mundane tasks and chores. That’s why I’m surprising myself by writing this post. A few months ago, we added an adult Chesapeake Bay retriever named Circus to the household. We haven’t had a dog before, and she’s here on a trial basis. I’m... Continue Reading →

Communal Experiences

After last night’s Oscar mix-up, I posted a brief comment on Facebook about the value of communal experiences. I wanted to explore that topic more thoroughly here. To me, a shared communal experience is seeing a play, a concert, or a film in a setting where I likely don’t know the people around me, but... Continue Reading →

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