Making Plans

As Robert Burns wrote:The best laid schemes o’ Mice an’ MenGang aft agley,An’ lea’e us nought but grief an’ pain,For promis’d joy! As I’ve posted on this blog more than once, I intend to write more regularly in this space. But, since I keep failing in keeping that commitment to myself, I’m going to try... Continue Reading →

Shaking Off the Rust

I have the good fortune to be attending the Writer Unboxed On Conference. For those who aren’t familiar with Writer Unboxed, it’s a writing community “dedicated to publishing empowering, positive, and provocative ideas about the craft and business of fiction.” They have a regular pool of writers, agents, and editors who contribute to the site,... Continue Reading →

The End of Our Days

The following piece was prompted by a Chuck Wendig Flash Fiction Challenge from August 5, 2022. For my story, I was inspired by the second image Mr. Wendig shared, which I will attach to this post. "Has it started?" Tina asked, crowding her way into a space between Jonathan and Mike."Just about," Mike replied. "The... Continue Reading →

No Longer “Ruth”less

Hello folx. I’m back. For those who missed me, it’s good to be back. I missed all y’all. For those who had hoped I wouldn’t return, I’m not sorry I’ve disappointed you. I’m not keeping you captive here, so if you dislike my little corner of the interwebs, you can mosey along. For those who... Continue Reading →

Happy Pride 2021

My spouse, Jennifer, and I didn’t make it to NYC Pride this year. That’s partly due to the temperatures, which have us under a heat warning. It’s also partly because of the pandemic. We’re both vaccinated but still staying away from larger crowds. But it’s mostly because we are homebodies. You see, the only place... Continue Reading →

What Are We Rushing Toward?

After a longer-than-expected hiatus, I’ve returned to my blog. I have a lot of topics I could discuss, but my thoughts are jumbled. Until I sort them into some semblance of order, I’ll refrain from posting on those subjects. One topic that I feel ready to address is the idea of normalcy. Specifically, I feel... Continue Reading →

Howdy, y’all. My posting schedule has been hit-and-miss, I know. Looking back, I’ve been getting something new posted about every other week, but that trend will likely slow in the coming weeks. I’m scheduled for a rotator-cuff surgery early next week. And, I’m assuming the recovery process will limit how often I can post. I’ll... Continue Reading →


A quick perusal of social media shows I’m not the only person who is struggling to maintain any kind of normal routine.That’s not surprising. We’re still mired in COVID lockdowns. We’re seeing repeated reasons for social and political unrest: Police shooting Black, Indigenous, and other people of color and not being held accountable for it.... Continue Reading →

A Good Walk Spoiled…

I have a deep-seated hatred for the game of golf. Some call my feelings about the sport irrational. But I disagree. I grew up in southern Arizona. As a child, I was about as horse crazy as it is possible to be. A lot of golf courses dotted the desert landscape near where I grew... Continue Reading →

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