Why It’s a Two-Post Week

Today’s post will be half-hearted at best. And, it’s mostly a filler because I’m writing it Sunday afternoon, immediately after writing and posting the longer post about data security that went up on Sunday.

Sunday’s post was several days late because some kind of creeping crud decided that our household was its next stop. We’re assuming Jen brought it home from her classes since both COVID and the flu are making their rounds among her classmates. In one class, a classmate told her that 1/3 of the students were out sick.

We both used several rapid tests at home. All were negative, thankfully. But we both have been battling coughs, sneezing, aches, headaches, and fatigue all week.

We both had COVID boosters and our flu shots in the fall, but we also know those aren’t always 100% effective.

Since I was feeling so poorly all week, I did the bare minimum I had to for work each day and spent a lot of my writing time in the evenings re-watching Bridgerton. I wanted comfort TV, and that’s what appealed.

I took Friday off because I just was too tired and unable to focus. I’m feeling better today but still battling a cough and headache. I’m mostly phoning this post in after writing the post that went up Sunday.

I hope your households manage to avoid whatever crud is circulating in your area.

Photo by Diana Polekhina on Unsplash

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