Not with a Whimper, But with a Bang

This week’s post will be all over the map. Buckle up, y’all. The language will be profane and definitely not appropriate for children, work, or those who are bothered by swearing. If that’s not your cup of tea, then perhaps move along to a different post.

This week’s title refers to the political unrest we’re facing. Turns out, democracy can die with either a whimper or a bang, depending on the preferences of the asshole attempting to kill it.

In this case, the tangerine, wannabe dictator currently befouling our White House wants to kill our democracy with a bang.

He’s proposed postponing the election until it’s safe to vote in person. And, he stuck one of his biggest donors into the Postmaster General’s job, in what I’m interpreting as a blatant attempt to ensure that Republicans can destroy mailed-in ballots.

Plus, he sent Border Patrol and other Federal agents to Portland and other cities, where they clearly made the situation worse.

(For what it’s worth, if some asshole without clear identification tries throwing me into an unmarked van, I hope I’d scratch, bite, kick, and raise hell in the process. Don’t know how I’d react until being in that situation, but it’s fucking insane that it’s even something I have to ask myself.)

That fuckwad truly thinks we’re too stupid to see that he’s using the tinpot dictator playbook on attempting to overthrow a democracy.

I won’t hold my breath for it to happen, but I truly believe that Trump, Pence, and every current or former member of his Cabinet should be placed in prison cells for high crimes and treason. Preferably, we’ll ship their asses to Gitmo and throw away the keys.

For damned sure, we need to vote out every incumbent Republican and all those incumbent, chickenshit Democrats who enabled them. (I’m looking hard at you, Representative Josh Gottheimer, and your piss-poor representation of our district. Just swear fealty to the GOP and be done with it. At least then you’d be honest about your political views.)

Okay, enough about politics. I’ve made my opinions about the current situation clear.

We’ve been playing “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” a lot, and I’m amazed at how relaxing it is to putter around on my island. I didn’t think that focusing on fishing, catching bugs, and attempting to crossbreed flowers would captivate my attention for this long, but it does. The only anxiety is at 7:00 pm, when “Otto” (the name I’ve given to my island’s scorpion – see “A Fish Called Wanda”) comes out and starts hunting me.

We re-watched season one of “The Umbrella Academy” in preparation for season two, which releases today. I’m really looking forward to seeing what they’ll do next.

We’re also re-watching “Pose.” I’m frankly furious that only Billy Porter received an Emmy nomination. I truly believe MJ Rodriguez and Angelica Ross were robbed. I also think Indya Moore, Dominique Jackson, and Dyllon Burnside should have received consideration. It’s a solid cast telling stories that that should be heard.

I’m also looking forward to “Lucifer” returning later this month, although I’ve heard one spoiler for the show that annoys me a bit. If you don’t want anything spoiled, please don’t search for info about the upcoming season. The first part of season five will be available on Netflix August 21st.

This post is getting long, so I’ll wrap up here.

Please take care of yourselves. Wash your hands. Please wear a mask.

Don’t forget to get into some good trouble. (Rest in power, Representative John Lewis. We’ll do what we can to carry on your legacy.)

By the way:

Black Lives Matter.

Black Trans Lives Matter.

Defund the police.

Invest in communities.

(Photo by raquel raclette on Unsplash)

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