Looking for Silver in the Dross

I’m really struggling to write today’s post, which is why it’s going up so late in the day.

I’ll admit that this pandemic and the governments’ responses to it have stirred up a lot of emotions. And I’m struggling to deal with all the things I’m thinking and feeling right now. I’m unsure about the future, and I’m noticing I have less patience for nonsense because my emotional reserves are low.

Since I’m trying to look at the positive in today’s post, I’ll post a few things that have made my past nineteen days easier. (I’ve been self-isolating since March 9th due to cold-like symptoms, and the NJ governor issued a shelter-in-place order on March 21, 2020.)

Perhaps the most important is that I’m home with my spouse for the duration. Everything is easier when I’m with her. We’re working on a jigsaw puzzle, watching a lot of good TV, reading more, and fixing meals together. We even tried making homemade flour tortillas last Sunday. They weren’t as good as the ones I grew up eating in southern Arizona, but they were edible.

Our cats, pictured above, are really, REALLY happy about the additional lap time. But they resent the hell out of this “working from home” nonsense. Laps are for cats, not laptops. Just ask them. They have OPINIONS.

I’ve had texts, calls, and messages from relatives and old friends. Some are people I haven’t heard from in months or years. I guess nothing like a pandemic to help us find time to reach out to one another. I’m hoping we can remember this need for connection and community in the future.

We’re trying to eat more healthfully, exercise a bit each day, and dance from time to time.

Dancing isn’t something we’ve taken time for in the past. I’m finding that even doing that sad, 1980s-era, white-girl dance step (the only one I know) is more fun than I’d expected.

Please drop me a note and let me know what activities you’re finding time for these days. I’d love to hear more suggestions.

I hope you and yours stay healthy and safe through all this.

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