Life’s Whirlwind

I didn’t get a post submitted last week. I hadn’t intended to take a break from my blog, but I simply forgot to write. The library was closed for Good Friday, and my better half had the day off too. We relaxed, played a tabletop game, and just enjoyed a break in the routine.

I’ve been terrible about taking breaks lately. I saw an article last night that said 44% of people surveyed aren’t taking a summer trip this year. Another 22% are undecided. Most of those who aren’t traveling say they can’t afford it.

I think we could afford a trip if we decided to take one. We’re just bad about doing so. Between worrying about who will take care of our cats while we’re gone and the frustrations of flying, it can be hard to get ourselves to head out of town. Plus, Jen already travels a good bit for work.

But the time we had off reminded me that we need those breaks from routine.

I saw someone say that taking a vacation is a modern construct and that our agrarian ancestors never had that opportunity.

I’m willing to concede that subsistence farmers likely never traveled far from their homes. They couldn’t take the risk of losing a crop or livestock by leaving for a week.

But they had market days, religious festivals, and other celebrations that broke up the monotony of their lives. Those events often marked the changing of the seasons and gave structure to the year.

Taking breaks from our routine is good. But I think most of us fail to use those breaks effectively. I know I am. When we take a staycation, I typically either watch a lot of TV or fill the time with chores and errands. That’s not the way to relax and recharge. Experts say those who take a staycation should plan local activities and sightseeing just like they would if they were traveling to a new location.

If you’re traveling this year, where are you going? If you’re taking a staycation, how will you spend your time?

(Photo by Mike Valdivia on Unsplash)

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