Looking Forward to 2019

I’ve been thinking about the coming new year and what I’d like to accomplish as a writer in 2019.

I find it hard to just brainstorm some possibilities. Once I list a couple of possible projects or goals, I start feeling an urge to put together a timeline for accomplishing them. My instincts tell me to outline what I’d need to do to complete them by a deadline. I guess those old project management habits die hard.

But I don’t want to put an action plan together at this point. Doing so feels like it’s cutting off room to play and experiment. And right now, I just want to allow myself to dream a little.

I want to sit with an open mind and heart considering my options. I’d like some time to read up on contests and journals where I could submit my work.

I’d like to research some writing programs and conferences to see if any are ones I’d like to attend.

I want a chance to explore for a little while. Yes, I’ll need to get an action plan assembled soon. The new year starts in just ten days.

But I can have a short-term plan in place for the first couple of months while allowing myself time and space to change and grow as new opportunities arise.

Like much of the writing life, planning my goals for next year is a balancing act.

If you’re putting together a list of goals, resolutions, or plans for 2019, I hope you’ll give yourself some wiggle room. I’m hoping to allow for the unexpected, both good and bad.

(Photo by Peter Pryharski on Unsplash)

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