A Blank Slate

The past few mornings have had a little touch of autumn in the air. Not much. But just a slight hint that summer is winding down.

Maybe it’s something to do with the changing light. The sun is rising a bit later and setting a hair earlier. Not a lot, but I’m starting to notice it.

Maybe it’s an actual chill in the air. Well, not really a chill. Our temperatures have still been in the low 70s overnight, for the most part. But it’s feeling a little different than the worst of the hot, humid summer months. Something in the air, I think.

Next week, this corner if New Jersey is expecting temperatures back up into the 90s. With all the rain we’ve had lately, plus those hotter temps, I expect it will be humid and miserable.

And yet. We have had that little suggestion that autumn is coming.

I can’t put my finger on why, but something about autumn’s coming always makes me… I’m not even sure how to describe my mood, but I find I look forward to autumn.

Some people love spring with its new blooms, its promises of the coming summer, its growth, freshness, and energy.

For others, summer is the best season. They love the heat, soaking in the strongest summer rays like lizards. Basking in the warmth, the humidity, and the scent of sunscreen and charcoal grills.

A rare few love winter. The sledding and skiing over snow. Ice skating and hot beverages. The holiday rush and bustle. Winter winds biting sharply, warm fireplaces, and long, dark nights for sleeping and dreaming.

Each season has its perks. And each has its flaws.

For me, autumn is a time when my creative energies flow more strongly. I struggle to create when battling summer’s heat and New Jersey’s humidity. I feel tired, unfocused, and generally uninspired. I pretty much hate everything I write, and myself, during the summer.

But autumn’s arrival generally signals a boost in my energy levels. I feel more awake and want to write. I don’t know why fall has that effect on me, but it does.

So why am I posting a photo of sand dunes this week, instead of the expected leaves turning photo?

This photo of sand dunes is a bit like a blank slate. No footprints have marred their surfaces. Or, if someone or something has passed this way, the winds have covered those tracks.

The dunes creep up this hill, and we see a tuft of grass just in the corner of the photo. A bright blue sky hangs overhead.

The photo suggests a new beginning. The start of an adventure. What lies behind those grasses and that mound of dirt? What’s on the other side of this hill?

I don’t know. But these dunes urge me to climb them and see what lies ahead.

That’s a bit how autumn makes me feel. A change hangs in the air. New adventures could start soon. What will this season’s turning bring? I don’t yet know. But I’m eager to meet it.

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  1. It’s interesting how seasons have a profound effect on us. I can see you being refreshed by Autumn. Your writing is lovely Ruth. I’ll look forward to following you here. Randie


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