New Publication – The Death of Me

Today’s post will be a bit of self-promotion, but for a good cause.

I was a student in the Golden Crown Literary Society’s first-ever Writing Academy class in 2014-15. I learned a tremendous amount in the program, and I know it made me a better writer.

This year, the GCLS and Brisk Press asked past students and faculty to donate a story to an anthology. The money from sales will go to funding the writing program and some scholarships.

I’m pleased to say my story “The Death of Me” was among those chosen for inclusion. The title of the anthology is “Written Dreams.”

If you’re interested in reading some fantastic stories, you can purchase the anthology on the Bella Books’ website. (Paperback is available here. And e-book is available here.)

I hope you’ll consider purchasing the anthology, which will help other writers improve their skills.


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